Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life with Toddlers

I'm not exactly sure where the time has gone.  My last post was months ago and in the mean time so many things have changed, I feel. 

There was a moment these past several weeks when I looked at Jack and Maddy and realized, they're little kids now.  They're not babies anymore.  They have long stable legs versus chubby toddling legs.  Their faces are less round and they talk more to express their frustration, versus crying.  They are potty trained! 

At this stage, there are two things I absolutely love.  They have reached a point where they play TOGETHER versus side by side.  They make up games to play together, they "read" each other books, they do puzzles, they play trains, they play kitchen.  It is so sweet to watch.  Also, the phrases they come up with are absolutely hilarious.  I wish I had a pen and paper at all times to write them down. 

We are also in a "me do!" phase.  Everything has to be done by them, they can do it!  Putting shoes on, getting dressed, buttoning shirts, clearing their plates, loading the dishwasher, filling washing machine, sweeping, vacuuming.  They try to do it all. 

Madelynn told me once after library story time "I want to be library story time teacher when I grow up."  The next week after a visit to her Dr. because she was sick she told me, "I want to be a Dr. when I grow up to help people like my Dr. helps me."  These things out of a two year old's mouth melt my heart. Madelynn likes to dress herself and pick out her own outfits.  She comes up with very interesting combinations.  A sweater when it is ninety degrees is not out of the question for her.  Lately, it has been her ballet leotards and shoes that have come on in the morning and don't come off until bath time.  When I come home from work she says, "so, tell me about your day,"  "that sounds nice momma," "and what about lunch, when did you eat lunch?"  She sings the ABCs at the top of her lungs.  When she counts to 10, she skips 4 and 5 routinely.  She tries to mother Jack sometimes, which he ignores.  She is so sweet to her Chloe dog.

Jack is such an observer, he likes to watch and see how things work.  As we are driving in the car he likes to point things out to me.  "See that big truck, mom?"  "See that motorcycle?"  When he agrees to something he says "Yeah, okay."  When we leave in the morning to go to school he says "see you next time," to daddy and Chloe.  He loves to feed Chloe, she gets fed several times a day when Jack remembers.  When the music goes on, he dances around and sings twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider and row row row your boat.  He likes to hold hands and pretend we are rowing a boat when he sings.  He jumps, runs, climbs, grabs everything.  He is not interested in going to bed, but once he falls asleep he sleeps forever, as opposed to his sister who goes straight to bed and is up at 7 am. 

We have finally reached the point when I feel like the benefits of having twins outweigh the challenges.  It is so exciting to see them grow into their own little people, while developing a sweet friendship with each other.

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